Too Close to Call: Win the Election Results Are Coming Soon

FanEx player cassdas1 is also waiting for the results of some close elections, but her proof of voting will double her prize if she wins!

We’re getting a ton of requests for results of the Win the Election game. We get it! We want to know who won, too. Votes, however, take some time to get counted, and we’re waiting on two races to be called before we can know who won.

The race for the Governor of Washington is officially too close to call. Right now, the Seattle PI is reporting that although Democrat Jay Inslee is leading over Rob McKenna, no one has conceded or claimed victory. There are many ballots to be counted, and we’ll be following this one closely.

We’re also watching the counting of the votes in Florida, as the Miami Herald is reporting that there’s thousands of absentee ballots that need to be tallied before it will be known who won Florida. While Barack Obama has safely been elected President, giving 11 points to anyone who chose him, we’ve determined that the tiebreaker is still going to come into play, so we’ll have to wait this out for a couple of days.

So while we’re waiting for these results, be sure to send in your proof of voting to double your prize if you haven’t done so yet. Here’s a quick primer on how to do that.

FanEx player 2fouroffsuit is very excited to have voted. We’re excited, too!


2 thoughts on “Too Close to Call: Win the Election Results Are Coming Soon

    • Hi myself,

      The Washington election and the Florida electoral votes are too close to call. Quite a few people entered, we will post the winners once we get more concrete results.

      Thank you for your patience,

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